Recent Testimonials:

May 2023   “Your presentation was amazing and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback from staff. It was the perfect workshop to have before our DEI leadership course. The two workshops were very complimentary and having the information you presented going into the leadership course made the learnings easier to understand and more meaningful. Thank you for sending us all the resources, it will be shared with all of the attendees. Thanks again! “

“Trish presented her trauma-informed workshop at our staff retreat for professional and mental health development. This workshop is incredibly helpful, informative and relevant for everyone who wants to better understand themselves and those around them whether in a corporate or social setting. It dives into the biological and psychological reasons of why we react the way we do, and provides guidance on how to manage and change behaviours.  I’ve done several different corporate personality and behavioural tool analysis, and none of them has been as insightful, or as useful, as this workshop both professionally and personally. Thanks again for a great workshop”. Cindy Chetley | High Performance Coordinator Nordiq Canada, Canmore, Alberta

Hi Trish, I’m echoing Cindy’s comments above, especially the one around setting us up for the rest of our retreat – I recognized triggers in myself I wouldn’t have otherwise. It was also nice to meet you in person. We’re hopeful we get to work with you again!  THANKS!   –   Megan Begley | Chief Operating Officer, SafeSport Officer
Nordiq Canada, Canmore Alberta 

January 23, 2023:   “Trish’s  presentation to our group was not only informative but incredibly insightful.  Her warm approach, well attuned and focused presence, and wonderful sense of humour made for an excellent transformative learning experience for all.” Izumi Miki McGruer, BC Regional Vice President Advisor Solutions, Canada Life  https://www.canadalife.com/

March 16, 2022    “I want to thank you so very much on behalf of the Hub Team and the participants. Many found your presentation informative, relevant, and safer for them. The participants came from varied cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and felt that this was well respected. We received very good feedback during the day spent with you, and the positive conversation about your presentation continued into the second day. It was good to have such an interactive and responsive presentation style. Many commented that it helped them remain engaged. I am certain that we will be looking to work with you again in the future.”   With gratitude, Raymond Cauchi, Jordan’s Principle Hub Resource Coordinator, BC Aboriginal Child Care Society  https://www.acc-society.bc.ca/

February 17, 2022: Trish, thank you again for sharing your knowledge and yourself in a way that will change the world I believe. You have a very calming grounding presence that I appreciated being in the space of. I learned so much, and I will put things into practice”  participant from Jordan’s Principle’s training, Feb 17, 2022

February 13, 2022 training: “Healing Indigenous Intergenerational Trauma”: “This training created space for individuals to learn alongside one another; this training was both educational and experiential, in that we learned rich educational content, but we also engaged in discussion, to which we learned from the stories of one another, or the stories of those who have walked the journey of trauma before us. This seminar was an incredible opportunity to honor Indigenous peoples through active participation in celebrating Indigenous culture and modes of healing.” Hannah Hube

February 13, 2022 training: “Healing Indigenous Intergenerational Trauma”: “Thank-you for the safe space to learn, question, consider, and practice decolonization and indigenous needs within the counselling context. Trish and Karen were an excellent team of wisdom, experience, care and encouragers of positive change”. Caylan Climpson

September 2020: Trish, thank you for your wonderful presentation on Trauma-Informed Care. The feedback received from many of the participants was very positive, with many people saying it was the highlight of the 3 day conference!  We found it highly valuable. – BC Provincial Health Authority 

 August 2020: “The Family Support Institute of British Columbia had the good fortune to do a custom tailored workshop on Trauma Informed Practice with Galen and Trish for our provincial staff team. The session was profound and impactful. The presenters were gentle, skilled, and imparted deep knowledge, research and practice into all aspects of our time together. They made space for all participants to feel safe, nurtured and left them with a newly acquired set of tools, strategies and knowledge. Our time together was set at a wonderful pace and had great structure to enable the participants to easily ask questions, pause and reflect, and take breaks or connect as they personally needed. FSIBC would highly recommend Trish and Galen to anyone who is looking for a team session on Trauma Informed Practice”.   –   Angela Clancy, Executive Director of the Family Support Institute of British Columbia: https://familysupportbc.com/ 

May 2, 2021 public training survey feedback:The workshop is filled with very relevant material that can be used personally and/or directly in your therapeutic practice. Trish’s delivery style and notes makes the material very accessible and clear. I appreciate her warmth, compassion and passion for this work that puts the participants at ease and generates engaging conversations”

May 2, 2021 public training survey feedback “Thank you so much!  This was one of the best workshops on trauma that I have ever attended!”

May 2, 2021 public training survey feedback This was one of the best counselling workshops I have been too in a long time. I loved that the information was directed at all levels of people working or living with people working through trauma.”

May 2, 2021 public training survey feedback ” Trish you have such a passion for this work that comes across in your delivery even through a screen. I love how each topic is presented with such clarity. You make the work so accessible and tangible. Thank you!”

Feedback from June 20, 2020 & September 7, 2020 Trauma Informed Training Workshops:

Thank you so much for the amazing workshop! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this workshop and will highly recommend it to others. Just wish we had more time to learn more. THANK YOU!!!!” –  participant feedback from July 7, 2020 workshop

“Trish’s way of conveying the neuroscience was very well articulated and understandable (especially for myself who has “academic burn-out” and finds scientific language/jargon hard to understand) with the right mix of personal stories and examples…”  – participant feedback from June 20th workshop

“I really appreciated the framework of theory that Trish shared near start – it was concise and well presented. Very comprehensive, and I’m very grateful for all of the preparation and sharing of resources. There are things that I have already used in counselling sessions this week. Overall, a very positive education experience. Thank you!” – participant feedback from June 20th workshop

Trish and Galen are a fantastic blend of trauma-informed practice, neuroscience, mindfulness and self-compassion. Whether you’re a therapist, teacher, helping professional or anyone on their own personal healing journey, this was a resource-rich workshop that also instilled a sense of hope and healing in undoing aloneness.” participant feedback from our June 20, 2020 workshop.

” I appreciated the passion, knowledge and patience of you both. You are a wealth of knowledge and experience. That really shone through in the workshop. Also appreciated the time spent after the workshop and the option to drop by for questions after a week. Thank you also for all the amazing resources provided”. – participant feedback from our June 2020 workshop

” I really enjoyed this workshop. I think you both make a great team and it was really nice that you both alternated speaking throughout the day that reflected your expertise in a particular topic. I loved how you started the beginning by setting up expectations and asking each of us what we would like to learn/how we came to the workshop. It was also interesting to hear about other people’s reasons/experiences. I also appreciated how you both created a safe and comfortable environment for everyone to participate as much or as little as they wished. The material was wonderful and I most enjoyed learning about the brain, hearing personal stories about trauma, and trying out the meditation exercises. The vicarious joy exercise at the end was a beautiful way to end the day. I also liked that we were a small group to build safety and trust. It was also nice to have “official” question times as well as the ability to ask questions in the chatbox. You both answered questions thoughtfully and with care. Lastly, thank you for offering to complete the survey after the workshop (people tend to be tired at the end of the day) and I also appreciate you offering a follow-up question time a week later. Thank you for a great workshop.” – participant feedback from our June 20, 2020 workshop.

I really appreciated the safe environment the facilitators created that emphasized choice. The content was fascinating and enlightening and I enjoyed the experiential exercises we were guided through” – participant feedback from our June 20, 2020 workshop.

 I really appreciated the information that was shared in this workshop. Being born in a generation where trauma and stress were not really talked about this was very helpful to put some events into a better perspective with the intent of being able to help support other families. I also enjoyed the presenters, they were easy to listen to and worked well together. I like to hear practical applications on subject matter, and I also like to understand the science to the degree I am able. I felt like both of these needs were met. Thank you for a great presentation.“ – participant feedback July 7, workshop 2020

“ The speakers were gentle and kind, warm and safe.” – participant feedback July 7, 2020 workshop.

Feedback from Trauma Informed Training from March 2019 – June 2020:

  • “Thank-you so much for creating the Level 1 trauma training, Trish! It was the most informative workshop on Trauma that I have attended!”
  • This information is SO important to get out to the therapeutic community! Thank-you!!”
  • “I enjoyed the workshop very much. I used the concepts that I learned the day after, and the positive results were immediate.”
  • “Thank-you for everything! It was a wonderful experience!”
  • “I enjoyed the practice and enjoyed the science based approach.”
  • Thank-you for an amazing training!!”
  • “I really appreciated the clinical experience, and that it was research based.”
  • “Thank-you for the workshop; it was very helpful, and very well delivered!”
  • “I really liked the structure of the course. The instructors were very knowledgeable. I learned a lot!”
  • “Thank-you – so glad this resource is available for therapists and being advocated in the therapeutic community.”
  • “Thank-you! This is tremendously important work: uplifting and empowering for all.”
  • “Excellent, Practical, Well Informed workshop!”
  • “I really appreciated the integrative approach of the different interventions.”
  • “Appreciated the experiential exercises, and the real-life demo’s of sessions, and the language to use with clients. I appreciated that the instructors addressed the audience’s questions and wonderings.”
  • “It was a wonderful workshop! Will recommend to others!  Thank-you for sharing your knowledge and experience.”
  • I really appreciated the anecdotal evidence from both of your practices – and the handout! I also appreciate all the tools and strategies that I am walking away with! “
  • “I enjoyed this course immensely!! “
  • “I really enjoyed the in-depth look at trauma.”
  • “Great class!! “
  • “I really appreciated the info about trauma and the brain, EUT and tapping  – thank-you!! 
  • “Great collaboration between the two presenters. I appreciated personal sharing from the presenter, and of their counselling experience with clients.”
  • “Great workshop!! “
  • “The presenters were a perfect balance to one another in their skill sets and styles – a wonderful blend of intellectual and experiential.”
  • “I appreciated the presenters’ connection with the audience.  I enjoyed the examples and presentations! “
  • “I just want to say I have never met anyone with such an immense grasp of the topic of trauma  – and to be able to boil it down the way you do is nothing short of extraordinary, so feel really blessed to be launching this training with you!!!”   – Alyson Quinn, MSW: co-facilitator for Level 1 trauma training.

For more information on Trauma Training please see http://trishwalsh.ca/trauma-training/

“Using novel and engaging therapeutic approaches, Trish has the uncanny ability to identify the core issues, bring them to light and guide them forward for healing & resolution. After each session I felt clarity, inspiration and motivation. I recommend Trish for anyone, no matter how accomplished in their field, who is interesting in exploring new ground or taking the leap to the next level.”

Sally Errey, Nutritionist, International Speaker, Best-selling Author


“In my coaching sessions with Trish I experienced a powerful array of forward motion. Trish brought tremendous skill and intuitive encouragement to each and every session which allowed me to explore my deepest dreams and desires and then followed up by urging me into genuine action. She was always there with just the right level of support, honesty and/or challenge to get me out of my head and into creating the actual experience.

When we were digging she was tenacious. When dreaming, inspired. When things were dark she brought her whole heart out to support my process.

She encouraged me to take risks that lead to irreplaceable gifts and growth. By following my heart and reaching always that little bit higher, Trish helped me to achieved things I never would have believed I could. Often times I look back on my accomplishments and feel truly astonished and grateful. Trish is a true gem!”

Kendrie Upton, Soul Focus Coaching


        Trish has such a natural gift for counselling and coaching. Her compassion, kindness and  humour allowed me to feel comfortable and at ease in our sessions. She has helped give me the encouragement I needed to believe in myself and pursue a career doing something I love. I am forever grateful!!   

– Jennifer Misewich, http://StellarPetCare.com